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Dirk is one of the first official ‘conversation managers’ in the country. He really deserves this title as he is always striving for positive word-of-mouth for Rabobank. All the campaigns he launches have the goal to start conversations between consumers. A campaign without strategic activation is a lousy campaign in Dirk’s opinion.

Dirk is een hands-on ad rem Marketeer en Manager die op zeer efficiƫnte wijze ambitieuze doelstelling weet te realiseren en bijzonder goed mee is met alle laatste trends en technieken.
Het is bovendien een plezier om met hem samen te werken.

Stephane Vermeiren Whiskey & Chocolate

Dirk is a leader with a very direct and no-nonsense approach. He has the ability and the vision to make a company better and he has superb people-management skills.

Jeroen De Ryck

Dirk has the scarce talent of combining great skill with great personality. He’s someone that teaches you how to improve your business processes, how to hire someone, improve your digital strategy, etc. but also energizes you with positivity to do better and push harder.
He’s a guy that thinks in solutions, not problems. A skill I find undervalued by too many people in both a professional and personal context.

Freek Borghgraef Kayzr

I’ve worked with Dirk for several years and always admired his ability to translate great ideas into sustainable solutions. He is and has been a great reference and guide for me on several business opportunities & personal dilemma’s. A no-nonsense person withgreatvalues in life.

Frederik Vandenheede Act With Care