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GENERAL MANAGER UNPAID – APRIL 2019 tot hedenJune 17, 2019

Unpaid is een legal-tech bedrijf dat werd opgericht in 2016. Het heeft als doel bedrijven op een snelle, efficiënte, transparante en goedkope manier te helpen bij het innen van onbetwiste en onbetaalde facturen. Bovendien krijg je bij Unpaid 100% van de hoofdsom en het volledige voorschot terugbetaald. Er is dus echt geen enkele reden meer om die onbetaalde facturen niet actief te gaan innen.


Clever is Ghent based startup specialized in complex statistical analytics and chatbots. Clever clients are research agencies, web developers and digital agencies. Clever detached itself from Profacts and was looking for professional support to develop their marketing, sales and operational approach.

Cronos GroepSeptember 27, 2018

I was asked by Cronos to help them develop a business case in the context of an M&A file. To do this, the specific market was first analyzed and then I developed a 5-year business plan on the basis of which the customer could decide whether or not to it was an interesting deal.

General manager Persgroep Online Services België. 2015 – 2018August 28, 2018

As general manager at The Persgroep online services I was responsible for various digital brands of De Persgroep such as,,,, etc …


I was closely involved in the development of De Persgroep’s digital transformation strategy in Belgium and worked together with the CEO on various acquisition files.

Birdhouse Mentor. 2016 – nowAugust 21, 2018

The Birdhouse is a Belgian accelerator program for ambitious entrepreneurs. A highly intensive program of 6 months for 15 startups, with weekly coaching sessions by 30 experienced mentors, expertise of firm partners, at 0% equity stake. The Birdhouse has locations in Ghent and Antwerp.

As a mentor I help starting entrepreneurs with the development of their business.

Mentor of:
* Kayzr
* Cycle Valley
* Hoplr

NIBC Launch of a new online Bank. 2011 – 2015August 10, 2018

In 2011 NIBC decided to launch a new online savings bank in the Belgian markets. This decission was taken after the succes they had in The Netherlands and Germany with simular initiatives. The aim was to broaden the funding options of the bank.

On the basis of my experience at and with the launch of BGZ optima in Poland I was attracted to lead the project.

After assembling a team (marketing, IT, Clientservices, operations) we launched on december 26th of 2011.

The new online bank was a instant succes and we managed to realise the 3 years business plan in only 18 months. From start-up to leading online bank. 2007 – 2011July 17, 2018 was launched in 2002 as a online challenger brand. At that time the concept of online banking was very new and not common to the large audience.

To target this large audience of savers we developed a strategy based on 3 pillars:

  • transparancy
  • honesty
  • ease of use


Communication was support by a back-end system developed around operational excellence to enable us to service our new and existing clients in a efficient and fast way.

This approach enabled us to grow to the 5 savings bank in Belgium with a growth in number of clients over 500%