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Simplicity Architect seems to me the best way to describe myself. My great strength lies in making complex situations or problems simpler. As a company-owner or manager due to your involvement it can become difficult to distinguish the essence of side issues. On the basis of a structured analysis I help to get the correct objectives back up and work together with you on a concrete implementation and follow-up within your company.

Are you looking for an interim manager? A hands-on marketer? Someone who makes your challenges simpler instead of even more complex? Then I think I can help you.

I am a hands on manager and marketer with years of experience in banking and media and start-ups. I have a pragmatic approach and a focus on performance.

Interested? Let’s scedule a meeting and take it from there.

Digital Strategy

Interim Management


The Internet has existed for almost 30 years!

Notwithstanding this age, many companies still struggle with the place digital should get within their organization.

What purpose should my site serve? Do I have to be present on Facebook? Can Youtube help me with my customer service? What role can content management play for my organization? Do I have to do E-commerce?

Answering these questions is merely the start. Once the answers to these questions have been found, one must measure whether the desired results are achieved and decide how and when to adjust.

With these and many other questions about digital strategy and marketing, I can assist your organization in developing and implementing powerful answers.

Occasionally there is a need for interim management within every company.

It can be people who want or want to stay away for a longer period, but it can also be a conscious choice to get a lot of knowledge in the short term.

The advantage of an experienced interim manager is that he can look at a company with a fresh perspective. Bring in new techniques or views and help the department or company top evolve to the next level.

Because of my years of experience as a manager in Belgium and abroad, and my talent to quickly get to the essence of problems and solutions, I am the ideal man to assist your company during short or medium periods.

Every CEO, entrepreneur or manager can use a sounding board to discuss ideas, visions or problems.

As a manager within large companies and as a mentor at start-ups, I came into contact with all sorts of problems and solutions.

Do you need advice with a takeover? Do you want to check out the new strategy first before you bring it into your company? Would you like an external view on how to tackle a problem? I would like to help you. Contact me without any obligation and we will discuss how I can help you.


GENERAL MANAGER UNPAID – APRIL 2019 tot hedenJune 17, 2019

Unpaid is een legal-tech bedrijf dat werd opgericht in 2016. Het heeft als doel bedrijven op een snelle, efficiënte, transparante en goedkope manier te helpen bij het innen van onbetwiste en onbetaalde facturen. Bovendien krijg je bij Unpaid 100% van de hoofdsom en het volledige voorschot terugbetaald. Er is dus echt geen enkele reden meer om die onbetaalde facturen niet actief te gaan innen.


Dirk is one of the first official ‘conversation managers’ in the country. He really deseves this title as he is always striving for positive word-of-mouth for Rabobank. All the campaigns he launches have the goal to start conversations between consumers. A campaign without strategic activation is a lousy campaign in Dirk’s opinion.

Dirk is een hands-on ad rem Marketeer en Manager die op zeer efficiënte wijze ambitieuze doelstelling weet te realiseren en bijzonder goed mee is met alle laatste trends en technieken.
Het is bovendien een plezier om met hem samen te werken.

Stephane Vermeiren Whiskey & Chocolate

Dirk is a leader with a very direct and no-nonsense approach. He has the ability and the vision to make a company better and he has superb people-management skills.

Jeroen De Ryck

Dirk has the scarce talent of combining great skill with great personality. He’s someone that teaches you how to improve your business processes, how to hire someone, improve your digital strategy, etc. but also energizes you with positivity to do better and push harder.
He’s a guy that thinks in solutions, not problems. A skill I find undervalued by too many people in both a professional and personal context.

Freek Borghgraef Kayzr

I’ve worked with Dirk for several years and always admired his ability to translate great ideas into sustainable solutions. He is and has been a great reference and guide for me on several business opportunities & personal dilemma’s. A no-nonsense person withgreatvalues in life.

Frederik Vandenheede Act With Care